Nick Saldivar started his filmmaking career wanting to be a director. However, having no one to shoot the films he wanted to create, he instead started to learn about cinematography and fell in love with the process.

Nick would learn the process of making films by doing exactly that: making films. While continuing to learn the craft of cinematography was a priority, constantly creating and applying the practice was the motivator for him to grow in his craft.

His practice of cinematography doesn't stay in short films or narrative work, but also digital marketing projects for small businesses and small enterprise companies as well. While pursuing his Bachelors of Arts Degree of Media and Culture of Studies at the University of California, Riverside, he self-taught motion graphic animation work where he would be hired by the California Census to create motion graphic animations and commercials. 

Nick is currently the Head of Free Logic Studios leading a team of award winning film makers focused on creating an awe-inspiring experience for their clients. For more information or to contact Nick, fill out the contact form below.

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